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        Insurance app development

        We're working with innovative insurers to build bespoke apps that drive digital transformation. We help insurance companies to increase their claims efficiency and exceed their customers' expectations with mobile technology.

        Mobile Apps for Insurance

        In a sector driven by data and insights, more and more insurance companies are using mobile to better understand and engage their customers. Because right now, the insurance industry faces a huge challenge. Only 15% of customers are satisfied with their insurance providers’ digital experience.?So, it’s no surprise insurance trails behind banking for almost every single customer satisfaction metric.

        It’s no secret that today’s insurance customers have sky-high expectations. But they’re also far more willing to switch providers. The winners in this switching economy will be the insurance companies that take a customer-centric approach and invest in mobile app development. How could you use mobile to solve your customer experience challenge?

        Insurance App Development Experts

        We’re Sonin App Development and right now, we’re working with companies to address the challenges within the insurance industry. Whether it’s improving customer experience, driving engagement or streamlining the claims process.

        Over the years, our team of in-house app developers have built hundreds of successful apps. Every app we create is completely bespoke and developed against your specific business goals. This way, we can make sure mobile brings both you and your users the most value.

        Developing an insurance app requires making some big decisions along the way, from features to the platform. We’re here to help guide you through the insurance app development process. We’ll provide you with all the answers you need and create an app that brings true value to your business.

        Marmalade Insurance App

        Case Study

        We helped Checkmate improve the accuracy of their structural warranties.

        For Checkmate Insurance, it’s essential that?every building element is thoroughly inspected during a project. But with a limited amount of time on-site, visibility is essential. Otherwise, misinformation, lack of communication and clutter can lead to inaccurate insurance coverage.

        So Checkmate approached us to develop a bespoke insurance app which would:?

        • Allow staff to capture photos and videos wherever they are, whenever they want; even if they have limited or no reception.

        • Provide Checkmate with more information and more context for all media recorded on-site.

        • Improve the visibility of Checkmate projects and the accuracy of their insurance coverage.

        Case study

        We helped Sheilas' Wheels to win the FNOL race while improving their CX.

        When it comes to the insurance industry, only 43% of consumers trust their insurance provider. And communication is a key part of this problem. Because so many people believe that the more information they give to their insurer, the higher the penalty and the lower the payout.

        For insurers, this information is everything.?So Sheilas’ Wheels approached with one key question: how can we use mobile technology to decrease the chance of fraud while building trust with our customers?

        Let's Talk

        Let's talk about your bespoke insurance app

        Give us a call on 01737 45 77 88 or use the contact form to request a call back from one of our insurance app development experts today.

        Contact us today to book in your free consultation where we’ll advise you on what enterprise mobility can do for your business. Once we understand your business goals and KPIs, we’ll send you a completely custom proposal and quote.

        The insurance sector is trailing behind banking when it comes to customer satisfaction. Given how much more willing digital-savvy consumers are to switch providers right now, insurers must make customer loyalty a priority. And for today’s connected customer, that means offering engaging experiences through mobile and emerging technology.

        In our latest white paper, we explore how insurance customers’ needs are changing. And the role that mobile has in solving insurance’s customer experience problem.