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        Meet the team

        We understand. We care. We never stop thinking.

        Our team of in-house iOS, Android and Web app developers are all experts in their fields.

        Our Values

        At Sonin we have three core values; We Understand, We Care, We Never Stop Thinking. These resonate through everything we do; our work, our relationships with clients and how we work together. We’re driven by passion – we want to create the best apps for our clients and we do this by working collaboratively and understanding the latest technology.

        Sonin is made up of people with a wide range of skills and backgrounds but what brings us together is our passion for technology and pride in the work we produce.

        Join Our Team

        We’re a growing app development agency and are always looking for talented people to join the team. Take a look at the roles we’re currently hiring for.

        View roles


        Why Work For Us?

        We value our team, and as our app agency grows we’re?putting a big focus?on maintaining a great culture and office atmosphere. The team is made up of talented people with a wide range of skills and a passion for technology. We’re an energetic group who genuinely love what we’re doing and are driven to deliver the best mobile apps and web solutions to all of our clients.

        As technology?doesn’t stop evolving,?we encourage all of our?employees to grow their skills and expand their knowledge base. We’ll?send you on training days and supply?books?and?learning?materials when required.?We also hold?Sonin Create?every quarter, our own mini hackathon?giving you the opportunity to experiment and test out the latest technology.

        Because we hire great people,?there’s often social things happening throughout the year.?We arrange regular team outings,?group pub?visits and even organise?lunchtime viewings of?the latest TV shows such as Game of Thrones or The Walking Dead. Oh, and we’ve got a?ping pong table in the office?where?everyone has the opportunity?to take on the boss.