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        Web Developer


        alex-web developer

        Alex works in our dedicated web team as a PHP Developer and ensures that nothing but cutting edge websites, innovative web applications and slick mobile websites leave the Sonin office.

        Since obtaining his Computer Science Degree he has worked on a number of web projects, including the management of several Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) platforms as well as engaging websites to get start-ups off the ground.

        He’s not afraid of a sporting challenge either, he’s completed two Tough Mudder challenges and a handful of London to Brighton bike rides with aspirations of doing even more.

        What Alex has to say...


        Building Bespoke Product Components with Tailwind CSS

        Most CSS frameworks come packaged with far too many pre-designed components. Very quickly, you find yourself fighting the framework you chose to save you time. But TailWind CSS is an unbiased framework. It lets you build bespoke product components really, really quickly. ... Keep Reading