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        iOS Developer

        Dan McDonald

        Dan is an iOS developer with a passion for building natural and intuitive iOS, iPadOS, watchOS and tvOS apps. His experience covers a range of sectors such as education, health and fashion.


        Dan discovered his passion for development when he and his friends wanted to build their own app. Unfortunately, no-one knew how to code. So Dan got to work and hasn’t looked back since.

        Since then, he’s developed numerous apps in native Swift across sectors such as education, health and fashion. Despite a diverse range of products, the common theme throughout is that they’re all humanistic, intuitive and task-focused. It’s the reason Dan was drawn to iOS and continues to be a key consideration for him during iOS app development.

        When he’s not building apps, he loves building bespoke furniture. In a similar vein to his passion for iOS, this started when his sister showed him a piece of furniture on Pinterest once. His collection now includes coffee tables, bedside shelves and even his own bed.


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