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        Recruitment Manager

        Helen Wagstaff

        Helen has more than 20 years of recruitment experience across sectors such as tech, professional services and telecoms. She ensures every product team at Sonin is is supplied with the very best developers, designers, strategists and project managers on the market.


        Helen joined Sonin with over 20 years of recruitment experience. During that time, she worked for a number of progressive firms across specialist sectors such as tech, professional services and telecoms. Her passion for recruitment comes from the ability to shape entire organisations through the people she places. She enjoys interacting with a number of different stakeholders while delivering great candidate experiences.

        When she’s not sourcing the very best product developers, designers, strategists and managers to join the Sonin team, Helen loves keeping fit and spending time with her family.?As a trained Pilates instructor, she also enjoys teaching lessons in her free time.

        Connect with Helen