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        Managing Director

        Paul Jarrett

        Paul founded Sonin in 2009 after years of experience building enterprise software for some of the UK's leading financial services organisations.

        Paul Jarrett - Managing Director (Sonin App Development Agency)

        Paul started Sonin in 2009, recognising the opportunities being created by the emerging smartphone market for businesses to improve interactions with their clients and teams. Following this vision Paul continues to lead the company as an innovative and exciting digital agency that stays at the forefront of the latest cutting-edge technologies.

        Paul believes that handheld devices, such as mobiles and tablets, can bridge gaps in the customer’s journey both online and in the real-world, realising the potential to improve our lives in both personal and professional scenario’s every day.

        As a mobile developer himself, his experience includes financial enterprise software for the world’s largest banks, to integrating IoT apps into the smart home, to locating mobile dating apps.

        Connect with Paul

        What Paul has to say...


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