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        Senior Designer

        Sarah Preston

        Sarah is an award-winning UX and UI designer with a keen eye for detail. She oversees the entire product design process at Sonin, ensuring every product decision is backed by a deep understanding of the people using it.


        Our Senior Designer Sarah has helped transform many websites and apps throughout her agency career. And now she oversees the creative process across all of our projects at Sonin. She makes sure that everything is designed and developed with the end user in mind.

        She’s driven by the fast-paced nature of working in the digital space. Especially from the design side of things. Sarah loves that trends and user expectations are always changing because there’s always something new for her to learn or experiment with.

        When Sarah isn’t designing she can be found in the swimming pool. As a competitive swimmer since the age of 3 she’s often competing or training. And hopes to make the Europeans in the future.

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