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        Project Manager

        Tracey Marlow

        Tracey is a Project Manager at Sonin. Previously, she worked for some of world's leading financial services software providers. At Sonin, she draws from her extensive experience in project management and development to deliver successful products, quickly.


        Tracey began her career as a developer working for some of the world’s leading financial services software providers before moving into Project Management and PMO roles. As a qualified Project Manager and P30 Practioner with a passion for technology, Tracey is well-versed in delivering successful projects and enabling organisational change.

        In her spare time, Tracey loves to cook. She’s fascinated by FoodTech and how apps can improve the way we manage food as well as help us reduce waste. When she’s not creating in the kitchen, Tracey loved playing badminton, dancing and travelling.

        As someone with a history in financial services, it comes as little surprise that Tracey’s favourite app is the NatWest banking app. According to Tracey, it’s because the app does exactly what she needs it to do whilst allowing her to manage her finances proactively.

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