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        Android Developer


        Varshini’s passion for development can be traced back to her time at college, where she was inspired by her lectures on the programming language C in her Engineering course.

        Varshini joins Sonin with a wealth of experience having previously worked on the TimeOut, BBC America and AMC apps. Varshini loves technology and often can be found digging deeper into Raspberry Pi or experimenting with Swift.

        In her spare time Varshini is a keen traveller and has ambitions of visiting all seven continents.?

        What Varshini has to say...

        Sonin News

        Sonin Career Stories: Varshini, Android Developer

        Although she’s one of the newest members of the Sonin team Varshini has hit the ground running and has already come to play a key role in the development of a number of client projects.  Earlier this week we sat down with Varshini to see how she’s finding life at Soni... Keep Reading