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        Transforming the traditional betting experience with mobile.

        Football Coupon is a leading accumulator app, providing users with score forecasts, football betting tips and bet tracking. The app covers all the main football competitions in England, Scotland and Europe, using real time data to deliver a unique experience to all of its users.

        The team behind Football Coupon approached Sonin to design and develop a new hybrid app to enhance the traditional betting experience. Our mobile-first design team created a new-look app which put the user in control and our expert developers built the innovative app to work across all platforms.

        Mobile App Case Study football-coupon-hybrid app-example-screen-1

        By creating user maps, we were able to pinpoint how each user interacts with the app and design a user experience that was more immersive and exciting. With complex scenarios and personalisation a key requirement, we’ve worked hard to ensure that the app is both intuitive and easy to use as well as unique to each user.

        The development team have built the app Hybrid, which works seamlessly across iOS, Android and Web. We’ve cleverly integrated live feeds with match data and real-time odds from more than 7 leading UK bookmakers enabling users to place bets throughout the entire game. And to keep the game social, Football Coupon facilitates chats between users. Utilising Facebook, users can connect with their contacts and comment or react to different engagements.

        Since re-launch Football Coupon has secured official backing from The Telegraph.

        The app is available to download at Football Coupon.

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        App Screen Shot football-coupon-hybrid app-example-screen-2