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        Event App

        Transforming the event experience at Open Banking Excellence.

        Building a bespoke event app with a personalised user experience, opening up a direct channel between OBE and its audience.


        Android iOS

        What we did

        User Discovery, UX & UI Design, App Development and User Testing.


        The Problem

        Event attendees wanted a more personalised user experience.

        Open Banking is a global movement to give people more control over their finances. To drive this effort forward, Open Banking Excellence (OBE) is building a community of banking experts and pioneers from all around the world. Every month, members of the financial sector meet at OBE to network, share, educate and learn.

        Keen to deliver a seamless event experience that would keep attendees coming back, OBE approached us to develop a bespoke event app. The solution needed to provide an advanced level of personalisation, all the while creating a direct channel between OBE and its audience.

        Our Approach

        We interviewed attendees to find out their most wanted features.

        During the app discovery phase, we interviewed a range of attendees and speakers. From these user interviews, we built three key personas – each with a core set of goals, motivations and frustrations.

        The most common goal was to see a list of attendees beforehand, allowing users to view the key players to network with. Off the back of this, attendees wanted to easily connect and follow up with those key players afterwards. A key frustration across-the-board was the time it took to sign in to events. And another was the high number of emails and notifications attendees would receive in the run-up to events. Through this research, we proved that attendees wanted easy access to key event information, faster registration and improved networking.

        The Outcome

        We transformed the event experience for Open Banking Excellence.

        Registration and sign-in through the OBE app are super fast. A process that used to take minutes now takes seconds. The app uses geo-location to recognise as soon as an attendee arrives at the venue. Their ticket is then the first thing they see at launch. As soon as they’ve signed in, the list of attendees moves to the top of the screen.

        Users can swipe key attendees they want to network with to highlight them. Another swipe changes the highlight colour, making it clear who to follow up with afterwards.

        We worked with a range of OBE partners on the project including Equinix, MoneyHub and Streeva. Thanks to collaborating with these companies, the integrated payment solution is super fast and it automatically boosts every donation by 25%.