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        Giving landlords the tools to improve the tenant experience.

        Ashcourt provide purpose built, exclusive and secure student accommodation. They are passionate about giving students the best possible experience during their university years, providing them with numerous accommodation options and support.

        Following huge expansion, and acquisition of additional properties, Ashcourt needed a platform to manage their collection of properties and support ongoing business growth. After 20 years in the industry, they saw the need for a digital system to replace paper processes and repetitive tasks.

        Ashcourt approached Sonin to develop a bespoke platform that enabled them to not only manage their property portfolio, but also to improve their tenants experience.?We worked with Accommodation Manager Emily Summerson, using her first hand experience of property management and tenant relationships to define each of the system and app features.


        Mobile App Case Study student-swipe-landlord-app

        The final platform, Swipe Living, offers an efficient and refreshing solution to property management. Enabling Ashcourt to advertise properties, manage payments and maintenance requests and most importantly communicate directly with their tenants.

        Part of Swipe Living includes a separate landlord app called Swipe Landlord. This has been developed with all accommodation landlords in mind. Available to landlords across the country to use, Swipe Landlord provides a central platform to manage their properties and to communicate directly with their tenants.

        Alongside development of the student housing management platform and Swipe Landlord, we also developed Student Swipe. An app that gives students complete control over their accommodation management.

        Swipe Living provides Ashcourt and landlords across the country with a central platform to manage their student properties. Future proofing themselves for the digital savvy generation approaching university age.

        The Student Swipe App has since won Software Innovation of the Year award at the DEAs.

        Swipe Landlord is available to use by student landlords across the country. Please contact Swipe Living for more information.

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